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Pip, Pip Hooray Identica grows the PIP family

13 September 2012 by admin

PIP Organic, the company specialising in 100% pure, healthy and organic juices are today announcing the launch of handy ‘take home’ cartons, a new range of chilled drinks especially designed for all the family. The cartons join the Pip family of fresh bottles and kids cartons launched in March 2012 making a range of products for every occasion.

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Why Vince should be in charge of our creative industries

17 August 2012 by admin

Identica Managing Director, Richard Morris has featured in the New Statesman again. This time he’s talking about how responsibility for the creative industries should be transferred to the business department. Here’s his piece…

Having spent two weeks glued to the Olympics, I am as anxious as the next Brit that we don’t lose the impetus and continue the fabulous development of sport in Britain. But the last two weeks have demonstrated another area at which we beat the world hands down – one that will need just as much attention as our sporting endeavours if we are to continue our world beating performance.

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Identica creates new identity for GoSeeDo

17 July 2012 by admin

Identica have created a brand new identity for Attraction World’s brand new consumer facing brand, GoSeeDo.

The service is targeting at consumers who are tech-savvy and who like to shop around for the best deals (middle to high-income families – parents with children aged 5-16).

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Microsoft Surface: good name

21 June 2012 by admin

Our Managing Director, Richard Morris, has been up to his musings again in The New Statesmen. This time he’s talking about Microsofts new tablet offering, Surface, and why he thinks it will work. Here’s his piece…

Names are funny things. Take for example “Starkiller”. It’s not a bad name. It’s pretty appropriate for a character in a Sci Fi story – probably a bad guy, someone you wouldn’t want to mess with. But the world would have been a poorer place if George Lucas had left the main protagonist of his most famous work with that moniker, instead of the more evocative (and appropriate) “Skywalker”.

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IPOs made of Sand

21 May 2012 by admin

Our Managing Director, Richard Morris, has been musing on the dangers of gambling on IPOs in The New Statesman. Here’s his piece…

Merchant banks do apparently gamble vast sums on hunches.

Watching the Facebook IPO launch on Friday struck me as a typical example of Emperors New Clothes syndrome. Mainly because I’ve lived through it before.

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Pip pip hooray!

13 April 2012 by admin

At the beginning of the month, our client Pip Organic held a launch event at Whole Foods, Kensington to showcase their new kids organic fruit juice product. The new brand looked bright and cheerful attracting kids from all over the store to come and try it. And in the window, another of our clients, Ecozone, were proudly displaying our new packaging design to those that walked by.

Identica appoints Giles Hardy as Head of 3D Creative

2 April 2012 by admin

Identica has hired Giles Hardy as its new Head of 3D Creative as it continues to cement its credentials in 3D design.

Hardy has over 15 years experience creating brand related consumer experiences across a broad range of sectors including retail, exhibition, hospitality and workplace environments in the UK and internationally.

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Identica creates new identity for Which?

14 February 2012 by admin

Which?, Europe’s largest consumer organisation, is to begin rolling out a new logo and visual identity system, developed by Identica.

Identica were tasked with creating a visual identity which spans across the many activities Which? deliver for all consumers, helping to bring the organisation together in one brand identity. This diverse set of activities includes anything from expert product testing and campaigning right through to publishing and personalised advice services. The brief was to create a stronger and more modern visual identity that increases Which?’s brand stature but is also flexible and adaptable enough for them to present their many products and services both online and offline, now and in the future.

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Tesco’s blueprint for change

3 February 2012 by admin

Philip Clarke, Tesco’s Chief Executive, has already drawn up plans for bringing the shoppers back.  Clarke’s vision is a Tesco that offers value, friendlier, more attentive service and an enjoyable shopping environment. “It’s when you go into the store and it’s got very clear pricing, a great range and good presentation. It should make you feel warmer,” said Clarke.

Source: The Sunday Times

Identica develop new Ecozone website

18 January 2012 by admin

Leading branding agency Identica has launched a new website for the innovative cleaning and household products company Ecozone.

Ecozone was born of a desire to help reduce consumption of environmentally damaging products by promoting more earth-friendly alternatives. Its product portfolio includes a full range of washing and drying consumables, cleaning products and other quirky and innovative household gadgets.

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Laughter is the best medicine – Sam Stone

17 January 2012 by admin

A remedy for January blues and a New Year’s Resolution

A recent design industry survey suggested that many agencies feel their clients not only want more work for less money but perhaps more concerning for us creative types is that they also appear to want much safer design solutions as well. These are solutions that won’t cause too many difficult conversations within the business nor do they result in additional challenges over and above those dealt with day to day. We all know that safer solutions will not enhance, our own or indeed our client’s reputations and that ‘safe’ will ultimately not make the world a more interesting place to live.

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Every picture sells a story… – Sam Stone

12 October 2012 by admin

The human tribe is a collective of storytellers – capturing experience through myth, legend, fireside tales or paintings on the cave wall. We communicate, empathise and find historical continuity and meaning through tales told, stories heard and images experienced and remembered.

In the commercial world, companies too have their stories to tell. The challenge is, not many know what makes a good story or how to present their story in a way that will really engage their audience.

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