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Identica Insight 15: New Experiences in Eating

16 December 2013 by admin

Our latest Identica Insight comes from the wonderful world of food. In the post recessionary period we now find ourselves ‘New Experiences in Eating’ examines whether we’re dining in or dining out and what’s happening in those two very different markets.

Innovation in both of these sectors is being driven by millennial consumers who strive for good quality food in a relaxed and convenient format. Millennials dine out more than any other previous generation and we’re starting to see some interesting movements occur as a reaction to a new foodie culture.

Click here for more on new experiences in eating…

Identica Bitesize: Christmas Packaging

20 December 2013 by admin

Packaging design and shelf impact is always really important at Christmas. This year is no different with brands competing to make this moment of the year more special, magical and rewarding.

Those brands that have brought their brand values to life to create the magic and seasonality of the period in an innovative manner are the ones that have made it to our Christmas gift list.

So from the clever to the luxurious, from the fun to the nostalgic here are the five key themes we have seen appearing in our shops this year.

Meet our new client Tangle Teezer…

18 December 2013 by admin
If you notice the team from Identica looking a little better groomed of late, it is because we have just been appointed to work with haircare superheroes Tangle Teezer on a number of exciting brand assignments. If you haven’t yet discovered Tangle Teezer (where have you been?!) you can check them out here www.tangleteezer.com . The team are loving this project so far, and they’ve only just started

Identica Bitesize: Christmas windows on our doorstep

6 December 2013 by admin

Identica’s 3D guru, Giles Hardy, and our Trend Hunter Nathan Hurley, with help from Carly Michael and Ben Slade, have been scouring the windows of London’s West End to bring you five themes in retail theatre, as retailers of every stamp fight it out to ignite our imaginations and create the more original and effective window displays for our delectation and delight.

Click here to view our bitesize report on Christmas windows on our doorstep.

Identica Insight 14: Financial Futures

5 December 2013 by admin

Developed financial institutions, banks in particular, are facing a monumental task to regain trust from consumers.

The big banks scrabble to piece together their fractious reputations while new start-ups have pinpointed gaps and have started to gain momentum.

Identica’s Financial Futures has identified three areas in which the banking sector is investing to regain trust, drive innovation and harness loyalty.

Click here to download the full report.

Identica Bitesize: You know it’s Christmas when…

4 December 2013 by admin

Christmas is Identica’s favourite seasonal celebration and this year we’ve compiled a list of observations that really bring the season to life.

Everybody from FMCG brands, retailers and even estate agents are getting into the festive spirit.

Here’s our top 10 signs Christmas is coming…


Tesco Watford shortlisted for Store Design of the Year

21 November 2013 by admin

We’ve just found out that our work for Tesco at their new Extra store in Watford has been shortlisted for Best Store Design of the Year at the 2014 Retail Week Awards.

The results will be announced on the 13th of March next year – good luck to Tesco and to our retail design team here at Identica.

See the full shortlist for Best Store Design of the Year here

Read our Tesco case study here.

Identica Insight 13: Destination Charity Shop

11 November 2013 by admin

Destination Charity Shop is the next Insight report from Identica which highlights the growth in the charity shop sector.

Charity shops are seeing some fierce competition come from discount retailers on the high-street but despite this, business is good. Their environments however leave customers wanting more and this weeks Identica Insight offers some solutions to problems being faced by high-street charity stores.

Click for more on this this special guest edition on Charity Shops on the high street, written and crafted by Creative Director, Sam Stone and Associate Creative Director, Giles

Trend Hunting on Shop Talk

8 November 2013 by nathan hurley

Our very own Trend Hunter, Nathan Hurley made an appearance on this week’s Shop Talk presented by Ben Shephard. Nathan was asked to appear on the show to defend the High Street and highlight some fascinating movements happening in Retail.

Identica Bitesize: Top 5 things we saw at Luxe Pack 2013

6 November 2013 by admin

Luxe Pack is an annual global gathering of packaging and materials innovators and this year, Identica’s Trevor Willis, Production Director and Keith Davie, Design Director went along to source some inspiration.

The exhibition aims to showcase the very best material and packaging innovations from cosmetics, perfumes, wine&spirits, watches, fashion and tobacco.

The three day event provides a platform for over 400 exhibitors and gives an opportunity to spot new movements happening through-out luxury markets.

This Identica Bitesize highlights five things that Keith and Trevor saw at Luxe Pack Monaco 2013.

Identica Insight 12: New Concept of Value

1 November 2013 by admin

Continued downward pressure on average weekly disposable income in the UK is expected to become a feature of life. Slow recovery and rising fuel, housing, and food costs will mean that average weekly disposable household income in the UK is likely to remain static for the foreseeable future.

Retailers have recognised growth in value markets and are starting to heavily invest. Shopping habits have dramatically altered after the economic quagmire and some of those habits are here to stay.

This week’s Identica Insight re-aligns the ever changing perception of value and maps its presence within our culture.

Identica Bitesize: Frieze Art Fair 2013

25 October 2013 by admin

The Identica team took some time out last week to visit the 11th Edition of the Frieze Art Fair in Regents Park.

It was a great opportunity for us to see all the best works from the most influential art galleries in the world. Despite not being known as part of the worlds art buying elite we were not deterred for, whether you are a serious collector or just looking for some new inspiration, this is the best place to discover new artists and have some fun.

Interaction and play seemed to be the order of the day with many installations providing live creation and opportunity for expression and participation. Paint guns aimed at canvases, playgrounds where you can make faces, art-creating computer games and live performances all created a great environment for our inner creative spirits.

So, in no particular order, here are our top 10 highlights from Frieze Art Fair 2013

Identica Bitesize: Retail Week Shop 2013

18 October 2013 by admin

Identica attended the new annual event from the Retail Week Live team, titled ‘Shop’. The event hosted distinguished speakers from across both the retail and design industries, with a brief to share their insight, experience and plans for the future.

Here – in a handy, bite-size format – are 10 things we learned at Retail Week Shop 2013.


Identica Bitesize: Global Design Forum

30 September 2013 by admin

The Global Design Forum is an annual event that triumphs thought leadership in the world of design. The Forum is organised and run in conjunction with London Design Week and this year, Identica attended the entire event.

Speakers are gathered from all corners of

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the design world to form expert panels that comment on pre-considered topics. Topics such as urbanisation, brand innovation and brand creativity.

The Forum was held at the V&A Museum along with the Southbank Centre and our CEO, Richard Morris was in attendance.

Here are the top 10 things we heard from the Global Design Forum


Identica Bitesize: Global Design Forum

30 September 2013 by admin

The Global Design Forum is an annual event that triumphs thought leadership in the world of design. The Forum is organised and run in conjunction with London Design Week and this year, Identica attended the entire event.

Speakers are gathered from all corners of the design world to form expert panels that comment on pre-considered topics. Topics such as urbanisation, brand innovation and brand creativity.

The Forum was held at the V&A Museum along with the Southbank Centre and our CEO, Richard Morris was in attendance.

Here are the top 10 things we heard from the Global Design Forum 2013…

Peter Saville at the Global Design Forum

20 September 2013 by admin

Identica’s CEO Richard Morris, this week visited the V&A for the opening evening of the Global Design Forum.

The headline event saw Britain’s most celebrated graphic designer, Peter Saville in conversation with design critic and commentator, Paul Morley. The Global Design Forum is an annual event triumphing thought leadership from the world of design.

This is an insight into that conversation documented by Richard. A series of key thoughts and stories thrown out from the V&A discussion.

Click here to download and view the Saville Discussion


Identica Insight Issue 11: Wearable technology

20 September 2013 by admin

If you are to cast your minds back to 2010 and the release of the iPad and recall the cries of ‘Why? Why would we need such a product? How does this help me in life?’

And look at us now, eagerly awaiting the next iteration and it’s accompanying accessories.

The same thing will inevitably happen when the impending wearable technologies crash over us. Google Glass, Samsung and Apple’s smart watches will change the way we consume products, socialise and work.

This week’s Identica Insight delves under the skin of the wearable tech world.

To download the full issue click here

Three new faces of Tesco Extra

6 September 2013 by admin

Great to see our work for Tesco on the new Tesco Extra store getting some positive press:


Daily Mail

The Drum

Design Week

Download the Retail Week Article here

Retail commentator Steve Dresser of Grocery Insight is quoted in one of these articles saying “The overall experience [at Watford] is experiential and far more engaging than what we are used to in the typical Extras. The POS is much sharper and more human and this is a key sign of change in the business”.

Jennifer Creevy from Retail Week wrote “It is also worth noting that in all three of the Extra stores, Tesco has made what looks like a minor homage to the food visual merchandising displays that are a feature in Marks & Spencer’s Simply Food stores”. These are different in each store and are placed at the ends of aisles and on the corners of deli counters, among a number of locations, and soften the overall look and feel of these very large interiors. This all adds up to a store design kit of parts. Tesco claims that each of the stores is different, as each is a response to the different demographic, and looking at them it would be difficult to argue against that”.

Read more about our work with Tesco here…

Consistency no longer means the same – Sam Stone

3 September 2013 by admin

Ahead of its re-launch tomorrow, Yahoo! has been releasing a different version of its logo every day for the past 30 days. This is certainly an innovative approach and follows the trend towards crowd-sourcing, but I can see both positives and negatives. It continues to prove that, in an age of social media fuelled personalisation, brands should be more flexible in how they think about their brand identities, and that more and more, brand users should be invited to appropriate and play with the brand’s visual assets freely.

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Identica Insight Issue 10: Unity not uniformity – Tim Brennan

29 August 2013 by admin

To download the full issue click here

This week’s Identica Insight comes from our Associate Creative Director, Tim Brennan.

Tim identifies two major influencer’s at play upon the identity landscape – the digital world and the platform it creates but also the demands that those platforms have. Sharing information, open transparency, immersive experiences and the collation of knowledge all creates an interesting space in which brand identities now operate. The old rules are no longer relevant.

The parameters and definitions of ownership and exclusivity have dissolved and been replaced by something far more inclusive. The landscape now reflects belonging and mutual exchange. Digital platforms allow for participation and conversation.

What are the trends driving the latest packaging innovations?

23 August 2013 by admin

Identica has recently completed a global audit of the rapidly changing world of FMCG packaging

An ageing population in the west, a youth explosion in the developing world, significant changes in how families and households configure themselves, all in the midst of an economic and environmental maelstrom.

Against these tectonic shifts, how people shop and consume is developing, particularly in terms of the products we all buy and use daily. In a world of choice over-load, packaging is increasingly the fundamental platform for communication.

So how are brands managing to stand out, cut through, and yet become ever more relevant?

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Identica Insight Issue 09: Coconut Water – Mike Nash

25 July 2013 by admin

To download the full issue click here

Issue 09 of Identica Insight comes from our Associate Creative Director, Mike Nash. In this week’s issue Mike has highlighted that in the last five years the beverage industry has seen the largest shift towards healthy consumption for almost a decade and a new category has emerged.

This category is coconut water.

Mike quite confidently says coconut water is more than a splash in the ocean. It is currently the biggest movement in the beverage category since Innocent gave us the smoothie and no other FMCG product is growing as rapidly in the UK or the US.

Art Education IS valuable – Sam Stone

15 July 2013 by admin

I was reading in the newspaper the other day that one of the speakers at the Millbank Rally last week was Angela Maddock, an art lecturer from Swansea University. In her speech she rejected the idea that the arts should be subordinated to so called ‘useful’ subjects and instead argued for a defence of ‘art for arts sake’. This was in reaction to the worrying news that art departments in English universities are to be excessively hit by funding cuts.

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Identica Insights issue 08: Venice Biennale – Sam Stone

15 June 2013 by admin

To download full issue click here

Our Creative Director, Sam Stone recently visited the famous Venice Biennale festival and has compiled her thoughts and inspiration from the sun-soaked festival. The event is a major contemporary art exhibition that takes place once every two years in Venice. The Biennale happens across the city but its two main sites are at the Giardini and the old shipyard at Arsenale.

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Identica works with Post Office for new Birmingham branch

10 April 2013 by admin

Working with the Post Office in 2012 at one of their flagship branches in Birmingham, Identica analysed the way customers were using the space and created a completely new in-branch communications system and customer flow.

By identifying and clearly signposting the different customer missions, we not only helped the Post Office grow awareness of its products and services, but also improved the overall customer experience.

Identica gives some muscle to an Italian icon

6 February 2013 by admin

Identica has worked with Bacardi-Martini to launch Spirito, a new blend from Martini aimed specifically at younger male consumers. Spirito is initially launching in Russia, where Martini is already a well-known name.

Creating a blend specifically for this new target audience, Spirito draws from Martini’s knowledge of infusing and distilling botanicals. Martini Spirito delivers an unusual strong smoky impression that comes from Lapsang Souchong tea with a herby bitterness on the nose from Artemisia Absinthium. Woody tones from toasted American Oakwood perfectly combine with spicy notes from Cubebs and Grains of Paradise.

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