LighterLife Fast – the nutritional 5:2 food and drink range has monopolised Superdrug’s health and wellbeing section when it came to market in 2013.  But since then the market has moved on, driven by an increasing interest amongst consumers on eating healthily to control their weight.


LighterLife Fast wanted to target young women and make them feel product to be buying  LighterLife Fast products, and so wanted a new unique look and feel which maintained strong shelf stand out but tonally fitted into the new way consumers were thinking and behaving around their diets and calorie intake.


Our refreshed brand identity plays upon the quality of the product with the new packaging working to highlight the lifestyle ideals of the brand, along with new products such as Decedent Double Chocolate Bar to create a complete system for consumers.  It also simplifies that packaging to aid communication and also to create a light fresh feel to the brand.



Lighter Life


Health & Wellbeing



What we did

Brand positioning, Brand Identity, Brand Packaging

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