Identica were challenged to create a new product range for Lintbells, with all the same great benefits of the core products, but in an easy to use chew format.


With the previous pills owners recognised the benefits to the dogs, but giving them the medication could be a struggle, with owners having to force their dog to take the pill or coming up with ingenious ways to hide the pill in food. With a new easy to chew format dogs enjoyed taking the medication so ensuring that they stayed healthy became easy for everyone. 


Working with Lintbells we proposed a new ziplock pouch so it was easy to ensure that the product was easy to grab, and stayed fresh. We created a new easy to remember range name, Chewies, and a secondary colour palette for the range so it was easy to navigate the range for both new and current customers. We adjusted the packaging architecture to allow the dogs to break out of the petal design to increase the shelf stand out and emotional engagement. We also developed packaging that was optimised for web to create maximum brand stand out. For this we highlighted key messages and removed product information that would appear in the descriptor underneath in order to ensure clarity rather than clutter at small scale.

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