Mepsi is a brand known for its fantastic nappies, but it felt that its brand identity should be working harder against competitor nappy brands, in particular Japanese imports.

In addition, the company knew there was an opportunity to extend Mepsi into baby toiletries, but felt that the current brand identity wasn’t fit for purpose.


We identified that the unique logo was an important identifier but that it needed some work to make it more easily legible, and to help stand out in what is a very busy category.  We also quickly established that two versions of the logo would be required to work across the multiple pack formats that the Mepsi brand would now cover.


We created a simplified word mark and added a ‘baby bird’ brand device, locked up with the brand in two formats – one long form, and one short form.  We also created a cute and stimulating visual language around the brand mark, which was then used to unite the range across both nappy and toiletry ranges, and warmed up the brand colour palette.

The result is a unique visually stimulating brand identity that stands up proudly against European, North American, and Japanese brands.




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What we did

Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Identity, Packaging

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