For nearly 50 years, Ann Summers had been known as the sex and intimacy experts, empowering women, unafraid to fight for what they believed in. However, many women, particularly those with health issues, do not feel that they have a ‘right’ to sexual wellbeing and so often, they suffer in silence. From those with anxiety, trauma, post-partum, menopause and health issues, there are many women looking to improve or revive their sex lives – from the young to mature, from the happily single to established couples. The Ann Summers’ team approached Identica to help them create a new brand to champion sexual wellbeing – to bring conversations about this issue into the open and make sexual health and wellness products accessible to all women.


Working closely with Ann Summers’ team and their charity partner and health professionals we created a compelling campaign around ‘I am important’ – highlighting the belief that every single woman is ‘very’ important and that their sexual wellbeing is ‘very’ important too. So we came upon the idea of ‘My Very Important Vagina’ which then gave us the brand name ‘MyViv’ for short.


Inspired by the many conversations we had with women, we curated a range of MyViv sexual wellness products that were beautifully presented in non-threatening and unashamedly indulgent packaging. From the gentle and natural shaped logo, to the classic typefaces used, the MyViv brand is desirable, luxurious and gift-worthy. With distinctive yet discreet packaging using softer forms and sensual, luxurious colours, we developed a bespoke range of packaging solutions that are made of sugar cane and the tubes from fully sustainable sources. We developed a total approach to launch communication both online and instore, through engaging product displays, impactful brand communication and advertising, including the development of the line: ‘Sex Life Changing.’

Our ambition is for MyViv to empower all women, no matter what their reason, to discover and explore My Viv products, offering them genuine sexual wellbeing solutions, together with the advice and support they deserve.

Because this, is ‘very’ important!


What we did

Strategy, Naming, Identity, Packaging, Positioning, Guidelines


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