Identica were challenged to create a digital communications campaign to promote two of National Rail’s most important products, their 16-25 and Family & Friends Railcards. Our aim was to target potential customers as they plan travel around the Easter holidays and encourage more of them to purchase and use their Railcards.


The 16-25 Railcard was already well known and understood, so customers just needed a nudge to be remind them what great value it offers. However, the Family & Friends Railcard is a more complicated proposition with lower awareness, so for that product we needed to communicate the mechanics and benefits as well as drive people to purchase the Railcard on-line.


Our creative solution was to take the National Rail roundel as the basis of our design, producing a series of vibrant circles that held headline information in the current bright colour palette of the individual Railcards. Our system was designed to be easy to flex across different formats and to animate where platforms allowed. The campaign made the Railcards feel modern and upbeat, like a desirable members’ club with incredible benefits for smart travellers, rather simply a way of saving on rail fares.

Our campaign runs across across digital, social, email, web and out of home sites.



National Rail





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