Optima is a highly popular drugstore chain in Russia. Optima’s management team asked Identica to re-invent their brand from the ground up – including its strategic positioning, the brand identity system, and its retail experience.
The focus of the project aimed the brand squarely at women, creating an experience to truly serve women and enable her to satisfy herself, her family and her friends.


Customer service is paramount in Russia. Today’s consumers in this part of the world require a service-led approach. Helpfulness and convenience are demanded, greater connectivity is expected, and greater excitement, warmth and thoughtfulness in the retail experience is desired.


We created an environment that appeals to a broad cross section of women, making it local, accessible, warm, honest, friendly and trustworthy.

Our concept revolved around four facets of women’s’ lives (the woman herself, her family, her career and her friends). To reflect these facets we took the letter O from work Optima and created a unique icon in a flower shape, with four petals representing the four sides of our target customer.

This iconic detail was then carefully integrated into the design of retail space and communication.  Identica further expressed the idea of warmth and friendliness through the choice of a new signature colour, and used it to create a unique style for photography and graphic language. We even tailored the merchandising units to accommodate the average height of Russian woman, to ake shopping as simple and stress-free as possible.


OOO “Universal”


Health & Beauty Retail


Russian Federation

What we did

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Retail Design, Communication Design, Advertising, Point of Sale

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