Our Approach

Identica knows how to build iconic brands. We have a tried and tested three-step process, built around this knowledge, enriched by creative tools designed to spark original ideas and new perspectives.


Step 1 Discover

We bring inquiring minds to a project, putting clients, products and target audiences under the microscope until we find an insight that lifts a brand out of the ordinary and gives it a new story to tell.


Step 2 Design

Visual appeal alone is not enough (although it’s certainly a good start). We have to look how to bring a brand vividly to life, using our vision to inspire everyone charged with building the brand holistically.


Step 3 Delivery

We’ve cracked the thinking and the design, now to make it happen – on schedule and to a budget. We’re sticklers for precision and oversee every stage of production to ensure nothing is lost between the vision and reality, that everything is fully detailed, and that profits will be made.

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