The market for nail polishes, accessories, and nail-care products is very crowded, populated as it is by both global and local brands.  Taber Trade asked Identica to breath new life into its Pink Up nail care brand, to help it stand out and compete effectively.


We recognized that nail polish and nail art is one way that today’s women show both how fashion conscious they are but also to display their creativity and individuality.  We recognized quickly how important it was for this brand to exude energy and excitement as well as showcasing the breadth of colours and accessories to choose from the entire product range.



Our new designs for Pink Up are an evocation of its strapline “Оставайся собой”, which translates as ‘Stay True to Yourself.’  We created a unique visual language and a clear brand architecture, accompanied a brand building strategy in the both conventional and social media.

This is carried through into a series of flexible templates for brand communications and point of sale, featuring a high fashion image of a ‘Pink-Up Girl’ featured in Podrujka’s magazine.




Pink Up


Fashion & Beauty



What we did

Brand design, Packaging design & Production

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