To capture the spirit of a Great British classic brand and articulate its character, reconnecting with existing fans and appealing to a new generation.



We started by getting under the skin of what it is that makes Spitfire such a successful brand in the first place – namely a brilliant product and an image that is gutsy and dynamic. The ambition we shared with the Shepherd Neame board was to reinvigorate the spirit behind the brand, celebrating the camaraderie and loyalty we each encounter in our everyday lives.



The Spitfire is probably the most iconic plane in the world and its name still evokes a sense of speed, power and heroism. We wanted to capture this energy and movement and hardwire it into the brand.  So we chose  to depict the plane twisting in a subtle turn, cutting through the centre of the lettering, which is distorted by its slipstream.

A sweeping blue background further adds to a sense of movement and dynamism.  The identity was taken across all the products in the Spitfire stable, including reinventing the Golden Ale and Lager.

In research across all age groups and demographics consumers preferred the new design and indicated a much greater propensity to buy Spitfire in the future.




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