Weatherbys Private Bank runs an invite only annual conference for selected clients entitled Creating the Future. The conference assembles a panel of innovative and respected speakers, each an expert in their own field, to provide clients with a perspective on future trends, and potential cultural, societal, and commercial developments.  Identica was asked to create a fresh new visual identity for this prestigious event, that would establish CTF as a brand, whilst also providing a platform for a series of smaller seminars which take place in the intervening months between each conference.


Because conferences places are limited, we needed to build CTF into a recognised mark of authority which would badge the sharing of CTF content digitally with a wide audience.  A bold identity was therefore required, that would work well both in digital spaces and in a conference hall environment.  The identity would also be used year in and year out rather than being changed annually


We created an identity for CTF which features bold colours and overlaying graphics to suggest the theme of blended perspectives and thought provoking content coming together in a single place.  It provides a modern vibrant face for the Weatherbys. The CTF logo is created to be a bold stamp of authority which works flexibly across a variety of applications at both large and small scale. There is flexibility within the system to develop it over time in order to keep it fresh and includes a sister version for the smaller seminars and other CTF events. You can see more here: Weatherbys


What we did

Brand Identity; Brand Guidelines

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